Arhivă pentru noiembrie, 2008


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Every day i lose my faith
Should i call my self a fake?
I can`t stand all this pain
Cuz is driving me insane!




***********************************        ***

***             *~*~*~*~* ~*~**~*~*~**~*~*~*~**~*~*~




♥♥♥ Sometimes I feel like I will never lose this tension

You are my everything, I’m lost without direction ♥♥♥♥♥

Your love is gone I’m loosing you with all faith away …. everyday ♥♥♥♥


Waiting……. …..for you to come home

Crying………, smiling….alone

Waiting……….for you to come home


still can

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The denial of climate change has been the most devastating deception ever perpetrated in human history. And it has been driven by massive economic vested interests.

We can prevent this disaster

We must FIGHT for our lives


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Şi vine toamna iar’
ca dup-un psalm aminul.
Doi suntem gata să gustăm
cu miere-amestecat veninul.

Doi suntem gata s-ajutăm
brinduşile ardorii
să înflorească iar’ în noi
şi-n toamna-aceasta de apoi.

Doi suntem, când cu umbra lor
ne împresoară-n lume norii.
Ce gânduri are soarele cu noi –
nu stim, dar suntem doi.

i want..

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i want to be pretty
i want to be happy near you
i want that everybody stop looking weard at me
i am not a  monster….i am human to
i know that i am looking ugly but i am not that you think that i am
i am human being to .who want’s to make friends and find the real love

why you trash me?

in the first time you’re imperfect to
you’re not god to criticise me
so leave me alone and live your life



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Cand esti mic abia astepti sa cresti

Cand esti adolescent doresti sa reinstaurezi lumea

Cand esti adult doresti sa scapi de toate greutatiile care te apasa

Iar cand esti batran regreti ca nu ai facut tot ceea ce ai vrut

So traieste`ti viata la maxim!!!